Two simple(?) questions i.r.o. Compile: ToC page numbers & How to NOT override specific font size

Hello all,

I’ve only recently starting fiddling with all the bells and whistles in Compile, as I am getting to the point where I start needing to output my material for review.

I am impressed beyond words at how simple it works, once you start understanding the basics.
Managed to set up a ToC in a few steps, and how it manages to remain ‘active’ in MS-Word > the thought of not having to wrestle that bear over in Word has me all sorts of happy! :smiley:

That said, I’m struggling with two minor points, and I am hoping someone can advise where I need to tweak:

I would like my ToC to have Roman Numerals, and then continue with the standard from page 1 of the manuscript.
Do I set my ToC up as the “front matter”, and then use that to specify that Scrivener uses “Different first pages header/footer”?

Or is there a different mechanism?

I have quoted paragraphs inside my primary text. These paragraphs are in the same font as the main text, but the paragraph is indented to the middle, and is in size 10, as opposed to size 12 (which is what my main text is at).

When I compile, the quoted paragraphs are indented correctly, and they are in the correct font.
However, they are now sized at 12, as opposed to 10, which is as they are in the Editor over in Scrivener.
So I need to maintain the “tabs and indents” presumably, but how do I keep all those quoted paragraphs in size 10?

I have checked “Override text and notes formatting” in the Compile > Formatting section, since I need to adjust Titles etc.
Text has been set to 12 here, since that is the font size of my Titles.

Under Options inside the Formatting pane, which of the Text Formatting Override Options should I have selected?
Currently, I have:
a.) “Insert subtitles between text elements” and “Custom separator centering ignores indents” under [Layout Options] selected;
b.) “Preserve tabs and indents” and “Preserve alignment” under [Text Formatting Override Options] selected;
c.) NONE selected (of Alignment; Tabs and Indents; Line Spacing; Font size) under [Preserve Formatting only preserves]

Any tips would be appreciated!

Here be a screengrab of the Formatting > Options tab, which is where I think I need to be digging?

If you want to preserve the text exactly as it is in the Editor you tick As is in the first Content(?) pane in compile for those items you want to remain’as is’

Appreciate the reply!

Will that not then overwrite any changes I try to make in the Compile > Formatting section, in setting up the Titles etc. for each part??
Regardless, will give it a go in the next few hours, and see what comes of it.

Yes. ”As is” means ’as is’.

If you need very complex formatting, the easisest way is to fix it in skme software made for layout, afterwards. Or you need to tweek the organization of the whole manuscript such that all your special paragraphs with smaller font are separate documents on the sam hierarchial level. That way you can set their format by itself.

A simpler alternative would be to make those paragraphs stand out by making the text centered and possibly also in italics. In Compile you can tick that centered text stay centered. (don’t remember the exact location of that tick box)

The reader wouldn’t know that you i itially wanted the text to be in a smaller font as well.

Wouldn’t it be easier simply to highlight a paragraph in question, give it the font, size, ruler etc. you want, and then make a preset from it, with “Preserve Formatting” applied, and then apply that preset to all similar paragraphs. That’s the way I’d do it, though applying the preset to hundreds of paragraphs would be otiose.

Roll on Scrivener 3 with its styles!