Two simple questions

Question1: Atoms are small. Are there more atoms in one grain of sand, then the number of grain of sands on Earth?

Question2: Gravity is strong but electrical forces are stronger. Suppose that 1% of the atoms in your body had a surplus of one electron. Suppose also that the Earth itself had the same number of atoms with a surplus of one electron. Would the repelling force between you and the the Earth be so strong so that you could force the Earth out of the solar system.

Why do I ask these questions? Just to make a point that we are not very well equipped to understand the world that the science is revealing to us.

Sand is silica, which is SiO2. Each SiO2 weighs 60 atomic units (weight of oxygen plus silicon atoms in each molecule).

1 gram = 6.023x10^23 atomic units. That’s 600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Divide that by 60 and you get 1x 10^22 SiO2 per gram.

A grain of sand weighs about 0.0025 grams.

grams x atoms/gram = 3 x 10^22 x 0.0025g =

78,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in a grain of sand.

Not sure I did that right, but I bet it’s close enough for Scrivener users.

Meanwhile, according to this estimate the number of grains of sand is


So there are more grains of sand than atoms in a grain.

Re: question 2, gravity isn’t strong at all, it’s incredibly weak (see Feynman’s Lectures on Physics, volume 1, p. 7, 1968 ed.). A more interesting question to me isn’t why gravity is so weak (or strong, to you), rather why the mass of particles at rest is so incredibly tiny.

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Close enough for me :wink: but bob wont have a titter of a clue, just what the hell y` talking about!


(1) The kid we have counting grains of sand hasn’t finished yet so we do not have enough data to give an accurate answer.

(2) The mass of the Earth is greater than the mass of a person so Earth would remain in place. What would factor is the “pull” of gravity versus the individual “push” or repelling force. If the repelling force was greater than the pull of gravity we would become airborne until either we reached a point of equilibrium or we suffocated and died from exposure and lack of oxygen when we went up into the atmosphere.

Now a question I would ask in return is this.

“If the day after tomorrow two days before today was Monday was is today?”

You are in a time paradox and the question can not be answered.

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