Two small issues with notes

I have two – very different – issues with inspector notes.

  1. In order to put the cursor into an existing inspector note, I have to click in it various times. It looks like the cursor somehow has some difficulty to get there. Is this a small bug, or am I doing something wrong?

  2. When compiling a document with notes and exporting it to Nisus, the distance between the first two lines of a note is always a bit larger than the distance between the remaining lines. Moreover, changes made in the distance between note lines when formatting the compilation don’t show up in the compiled and exported document. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Timotheus,

You should only have to double-click into them (they are controls, so a double-click is necessary). If you’re having to click more than that, it sounds like something wrong on your system.

Is this with footnotes or comments? How do they appear in Scrivener? Is there formatting the same in Scrivener, or are you overriding the formatting during Compile to make them the same? I’ve never seen any issues with this, and I use Nisus myself, so maybe you could provide me with a sample project showing the issue?


Hi Keith,

Thanks for your quick answer.

As far as the second issue is concerned: when compiling, I am overriding the Scrivener formatting. But I have sent both the Scrivener project and the compiled and exported document to

Thanks in advance for taking a look at it!

There is, unfortunately, a bug in Nisus that is due to an interaction between widow and orphan control and footnotes. I don’t know if this might have something to do with the problem you are seeing. See their forum:

In my case, it has resulted in completely blank pages in a long document.

Cheers, Martin.