Two sporadic, yet undiagnosed, conditions


I’ve not situated these occasional events yet, but

:arrow_right: When I Ctrl-’ into a single-editor view, the editor might have no header bar. When this happens, shifting back to my usual two-editor view does not restore the header to the particular editor: That is, shifting back yields one editor without the header, the other with the header.
(Perhaps a memory thing? A late-in-the-day or video event? As I recall the latest was later in the day’s session … I’ll attend more next time.)

:arrow_right: Among the Project Search options, the ‘exclude Trash …’ gets unchecked, so far unpredictably, more during/after a restart of Scrivener, rarely during a session. (I don’t often tweak the settings nearby.)

Of the two, the former is less likely – rare. (Twice?)
The latter, occasional: For example, not during the past week.