Two things about the Cursor.

After I right click on a word that’s miss spelled and click on the correct spelling in the pop up menu the cursor disappears. Gone.

On rare occasions it reappears at the end of the corrected word but that isn’t consistent behavior. I think it’s more likely to happen if the word is hyphenated but that could be my imagination as well. I haven’t actually done an experiment with it.

It’s a nit but trying to find my place again is a distraction that makes the editor less transparent to the process. It would be nice if the cursor always reappeared at the end of the corrected word. I tried turning on typewriter scrolling in the hope the corrected word would jump to mid screen but it doesn’t. I’m not even sure I’d like it to, but it doesn’t.

Second, I wish I could do something to make the cursor easier to find. I have looked for a setting where I could make it a bit more bold, or something to make it easier for old eyes to find it, but if there is one, I didn’t find it.

Back to editing.


This may be of help: Go to Options/ Editor, under the Editor Options subpane you’ll find Use block insertion point, and you can also select the width in pixels.

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Thanks. That helped a lot. Being able to see it better also revealed enough to make the cursor behavior predictable.

The cursor stays where it was last used before I right clicked on the misspelled word. If it was in the misspelled word, after correction it appears at the end of the corrected word. If it was someplace else and I right click into the misspelled word, when the correction is complete it reappears right where it was last used.

That cleared it up. Onward.