Two things

While I know that a full mobile version would not be feasible some sort of ability to upload directly from a smartphone would be appreciated so I don’t have to retune the ideas when I get home.

The other thing is some simple cartographic reference ability. I write fiction and need maps but having a way to properly import them would be nice. And on that note being able to import text directly into scrivener without the hassle of changing format. I have a lot of old versions of stuff that I want to bring over but it doesn’t recognize breaks so it comes in as a single long piece which is frustrating.

We do already have a number of tools for working with external devices and in non-Scrivener environments. Check out chapter 13 in the user manual, “Cloud Integration and Sharing”, for various options. The “Synchronised Folders” technique is very general. All it does is produce a bunch of files that Scrivener then goes on to monitor for changes, keeping the project and the files up to date in both directions. This can be coupled with a service like Dropbox for mobility.

What methods have you tried for importing? I would think at the very least that hitting Shift-Cmd-4 and drawing a rectangle around the map, then dropping that file (created on the Desktop by default) into Scrivener would suffice—or with some web maps you may be able to import them as an archived web page, but most map sites these days have gone off the rails and are so dynamic they no longer work well in an archival context. Screenshots will probably be best.

What file type are these? Usually our importer is pretty good at retaining the original formatting, but I suppose if they are really old they may no longer be supported.

At any rate, cleaning up formatting to your preferred defaults is easy to do in Scrivener. Just select the files you’ve imported that need to be fixed, and use the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style menu command.

If you need the old documents to be 100% immutable and just there as references, I recommend using the PDF format.