Two users, how many licenses?

I’ve been talking up Scrivener to my mother lately and we were talking about the impending Windows release. She’s now considering downloading the Windows beta when it comes out later today while I’ve been anxiously counting down the days. We are in the same household (gotta love the poverty of grad school). My question: should she decide to try out the beta, should she use whatever license I receive or get her own? I figure since there’s no cost associated with the beta version, it won’t kill her to get her own and then we’ll share a license when the software is officially released. I know that we’ll probably be working on vastly different projects (I’ll be doing NaNo and I figure she’ll either be poking around a bit and maybe working on outlining some technical stuff for her job and maybe some of her own fiction but likely nothing nearly as intensive as what I’ll be doing), so our usage will be a lot different. Would it be better for whatever bugs we may discover to be reported under different users or would it be better to see if anything crops up when two computers are being used for different things?

One licence covers all members of a family living in the same household, so you’ll only need one licence when it gets released.
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How about one user on multiple computers (I typically write when I have free time at work and also at home on my main computer and my laptop)?

Same thing. The license will be for you to use on all computers you own (with the caveat that it’s per-platform, so a Windows license is for all your Windows computers; you’ll need a separate Mac license if you’re also wanting to run the Mac version).