Two ways to fix Projects that convert, but don't open yet in Scrivener iOS

  • look for any pages which are actually web links. I think we could use those once, and now we can’t, directly.

These take forever to open in Windows Scrivener (minutes), but once they do, you can repair by doing two things.
– click the link to open the page in your web browser, then delete (Shift-Delete) the bogus link-page, and Empty Trash after to really get rid of it.
– now, with things clean, Import the url you have with the web page. The best method choice is to PDF via Webkit, pretty clearly.

  • Now the other problem that seems it can happen, is that a page can get converted with a very unusual font change - to some very wierd script font in my case, so it was pretty unmistakable; Jabana Alt Extra Extended Light, for heaven’s sake. I really don’t think I had that font, and wonder where it came from.

Anyway, this also seems to produce a conversion that Scrivener iOS says it can’t open. I just selected all, changed the font to sensible, and closed the Project.

After both of these cures as necessary, and some moments for the internet to work, I synced Scrivener on the iPad, and the problem projects now opened in fine condition.

Thanks, Clive. When you say the font was converted, at what point did it change? Was this a font that was in the project before syncing to iOS? We have had to struggle with some font issues going between Windows and iOS, but the font used in a single RTF file shouldn’t have any impact on whether the project could open on iOS, just how the text appeared there.

Could you possibly attach or send to AT literatureandlatte DOT com a zipped copy of a project or two with these problems before they were cleaned up?

Hi Mouton/Jennifer (both names always appealed, my histories :wink:

Please see new report, with bad/fixed zips, above at:


I discovered the real problem is simpler; the direct web References and weird fonts are just fine with Scrivener iOS – if not quite with Scrivener Windows, as reported and with suggestion/request about reinstating those once openability there returns.

You get the web reference opened quickly, and the odd font just substituted, very ok, on Scrivener iOS.

All the best, and you might reckon that I am really enjoying using the iOS model…!

p.s. thanks for the support email – I’ll use that, and remove the projects from public view (did redact already, but…)