Two Windows? A few concerns/questions with iPad Scriv App

I have the PC version and iPad App. As in the PC version, can I in the iPad app open up two windows at the same time (one for my novel, the other a research window) on the same screen to use as reference. On the PC version, I could open up two windows, plus the Inspector if need be all at the same time. It appears I can only have one window open at a time on the iPad app?

Also, for the added FORMAT-COMMENTS section that I added into my script… when I scroll my mouse over them to reveal notes, nothing happens. They appear to be simply highlighted text only, without the hidden comments I’ve written.

I have always thought the power of Scrivener was these two factors… and I hope they are both still available for the iPad version??!

Found this: It works. … ner-trick/

Still… my notes are in The Inspector and I can’t seem to find or open them in Scriv App.

If you mean document notes, you can view them on the iPad by tapping the Inspector button (hollow lower-case “i”).

If you mean Project Notes, the iPad app was the first to use the newer Project Bookmarks system now used on Mac Scrivener 3 and in the Windows Scrivener 3 Beta. If you are still using Scrivener 2 for Mac or Scrivener 1.9x for Windows, AmberV described how to set up your project notes on your desktop system to work with iOS Scrivener (and get the same results re: project notes as upgrading the project to Scrivener 3). Here’s a link to the post:

Oh, wait, you were talking about scrolling your mouse over “notes”… do you mean Inspector Comments? If so, you need to double-tap them to reveal the contents on iOS.

Well, yes… I think. I wanted one: to have, sometimes, the option as I do on my PC to have two Binder windows to be open (the story and one for research) while sometimes I wish to have my Inspector Window open (Document and Project notes) where I’ve placed my outline. Just the way I happened to set it up and like having that flexibility. I’ll try that link you sent.

and two: Yes… There is that option where in my PC version, as stated in my question where I want to hover over my INSERT-COMMENTS into the story, but it does not work on the iPad version that I transferred over from my PC… much less, I don’t think you can even add them. Certainly, the iPad is greatly limited, it appears, but understandable… I just miss those niceties.