Two wishes for scrivenings mode

Both relate to when titles are set to show in Scrivenings mode.

It would be convenient if triple-clicking on a title selected the whole text area of the title, but not the paragraph mark at the end, so that the title could be selected that way to be changed by typing over it. The current behaviour, where the paragraph mark is selected as well, is logical, I suppose, but not very useful, since you can’t really do anything with the selection.

The second thing might be a bug, but I’m not sure, so it’s here. If you paste text using paste-and-match-style on the line immediately below the title it gets the underlining that goes with the title (at least, that’s what I am getting). That seems odd to me, given that typing there does not produce underlined text.

This happens with the title background color, too, if you have that option turned on, but only when the title is not centered. Underlining happens whether left-aligned or centered, and both are retained as regular formatting settings when you close the Scrivenings session; you can wipe it by just selecting the text and removing the highlight color or the underline.

Thanks. I know it can be removed; after all it’s just text formatting. But I don’t think it should be applied to text that is not in the title in the first place.

I’ve altered the selection for titles for 2.0.4 (and in fact in an updated build of 2.0.3, so if you re-download you’ll get that behaviour).

There’s nothing I can do about paste and match style getting the underline or background colour, though, unfortunately, as that’s a quirk of the OS X text system.

All the best,

Wonderful about the change to the title selection behaviour. (For the record, for anyone reading this in the future: note the times and dates on the posts in this thread. Less than four hours after I posted this feature request it was implemented in a new build of Scrivener. Wow.) Off to download…

And too bad about the underlining coming from an OS X quirk(/bug). It’s particularly odd that it affects pastes, but not freshly typed text. Perhaps one day Apple will dequirk their text system a bit.

Yes, that is odd. It doesn’t seem to affect all attributes, either, but it does affect underlining and background colour - I managed to reproduce it in TextEdit.

Shame, given that those are the two attributes Scriv uses to mark titles in Scrivenings mode. I know you don’t want to complicate preferences any further (wisely, imo) but I suppose that a way to work around the quirk would be to allow for some other formatting to mark out the titles: bold, for example?
Anyway, a reasonable workaround for now is to centre titles, turn off underlining and use a background colour instead to make them stand out. (Thanks, MM, for pointing out that background colour doesn’t get picked up on the next line if the titles are centred.)

It’s hardly worth a preference as it is a very, very minor quirk - it only rears its head if you use Paste and Match Style immediately after a title.

Bold or italic formatting doesn’t get picked up, actually, since it’s part of the font, so you could turn off both background color and underlining and just leave the titles as bold. (Set by whatever font you use; by default Helvetica bold.)

Right you are. No need for a separate preference. Ignore my nonsense…