Two writers in same household (Mac + Win)

My spouse is using the Mac trial version and we want to purchase the Mac+Win bundle. I understand that each OS will have it’s own license. Does this also mean that each of us can create and edit our own projects independent of the other? Our biggest concern is accidentally deleting the other’s work if we can see/access both because the licenses will be purchased under one email account.

Similarly, if we purchase the bundle under one user account, how do we each get support independent of the other?

Scrivener is a household license. In case you’re interested, here is the Scrivener EULA.


“Scrivener and Scapple come with a generous “household” licence. This allows you to install Scrivener or Scapple on multiple computers of the same platform provided that you are the primary user or owner, and on any machines owned by members of your immediate family residing in your household.”

“This licence agreement enables you and your family members to use the Software on your
own respective computers within your household but you may not copy or transfer the
Software to any other computer or hard drive. Any members of your family not residing at your
address for eight months of any year or more are not family members for the purposes of this
licence agreement must purchase a separate Software licence.”

Yes, as long as you are each working in separate projects. (You can each create as many projects as you like.)

L&L Support will only ask for user account details if you happen to lose your license key and you need Support to provide it to you.

For support -

  • Do the Interactive Tutorial (Scrivener Menu: Help > Interactive Tutorial).
  • See the FAQs.
  • Come to these forums to ask questions, report bugs, etc. These forums are moderated by L&L Support, but also frequented by your peers (other customers). You and your spouse can create separate forum accounts, if you like. Based on my experience, 95% of your support needs will be handled in the forums.
  • You can also report bugs here, directly to L&L Support.
  • You can also contact L&L directly with questions.


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I’m not 100 % sure concerning the licensing. From my understanding it’s per person, not per household What @JimRac said. But:

This has absolutely nothing to do with it. Unless you save your projects in the same location on purpose (e.g. a shared network or cloud folder).


To somewhat reformulate what @November_Sierra just said:
Scrivener is a standalone software. It is not one of these softwares that require you’d be online to use.
There is no user account as far as using the app goes.
All Scrivener projects and their associated files will be stored locally on your system.


JimRac is right but to ensure no confusion.

Yes it’s a household licence, but they are different licences for Mac and Win, so you will need to purchase the bundle.

That said when you come to the light and join Mac, you will be able to use the Mac licence on both machines. :slight_smile:


There is no Scrivener “cloud.” Where you store your projects and who has access to what are entirely up to you. (Note that this also means you are solely responsible for backing up your data. If you do accidentally delete something, we can’t recover it for you.)

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