.txt files in references open as media

I’m on XP w/ Scrivener 1.0.3.

I’ve placed .txt files in the References panes (both doc and project).
When I right-click to open in current or other editor the editor is the media player.
It shows play, fast forward, fast reverse, etc. buttons along the bottom.
The editor pane is blank.
I’ve tried 2 different files; all are pure text.
They open properly in the default editor, notepad.

Is this a bug or have I missed something somewhere?


Thanks, I can reproduce this bug as well. Viewing .txt files at all in the main editors should be prohibited, as is the case for RTF and the like.

According to the Win manual page 126:

… you can opt to open a reference using an alternate method by right-clicking on it in the table.
It is possible to open references in a:
§ Current View, replacing the current editor
§ Other View, as a split view using the last split type you used if one needs to be created

I see similar text in the Mac manual.
To me that reads like txt and rtf and other file types are to be viewable and even editable in the main editors.
I think that’s the bug.

Hmm, the manual should be clarified then. Unless I hear otherwise from Keith, this is a design decision (it works this way on the Mac as well, you can’t load .txt or rich text files from the References list) based on the fact that it would be somewhat confusing to either (a) have read-only text files in the editor or (b) allow external editing a text files using the Scrivener engine. There are things you can do with the engine that are not industry standard, such as Scrivener Links, annotations and more. This would mean we would need a whole new editor mechanism that prohibited these abilities, and endlessly fielding questions as to why they are disabled. For plain-text it would mean a third whole new editor which would need to be coded to handle plain-text, and prohibit a large quantity of features such as the tab ruler, format bar, most of the format menu items, and so on. So it really take a lot more work than it might seem to allow this sort of editing, meaning read-only would be the most feasible choice, and like I say that could be confusing. Popping the file open in an external editor along side the Scrivener window isn’t too bad of a compromise, and it lets you edit the file in a native environment if you so please.