Type in Main Editor is gray and doesn't appear on Index Card

I just purchased Scrivener. I imported some documents and then wrote one. In the imported documents the text is black in the Main Editor and the text appears on the Index Cards. In the document I created on Scrivener, the text is gray and the Index Card for the document is blank. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Imported documents keep their formatting, if they had any, to an extent. It’s possible that you have the default text set to a grey colour (your original text will always follow the default unless you style it otherwise).

Re the index cards, I’m not sure if importing a doc autopopulates the synopsis field or not. In your ‘original text’ doc, try clicking on the autofill button, top-right above the synopsis field in the inspector - the icon is a text snippet pointing into a blank document. That should autofill the index card with the first paragraph or so of your text (the synopsis field is the same as the index card field).