Typewriter Mode for the iPhone

Are there any plans for typewriter mode on the iPhone? Thanks.

Mostly not because there isn’t space for the button, but also the benefits are far less compelling on a phone. The main goal is to keep one from staring at the very bottom of the screen for hours, which isn’t very ergonomic if the bottom of the screen is close to the desk, such as on a laptop or a clamshell style iPad case+keyboard. With a hand held device the main thing typewriter scrolling is going to do is cut the available, already minimal, screen space in half.

Thanks, Amber.

I asked the question because when I’ve used Ulysses on my iPhone, typewriter mode is fantastic and takes absolutely nothing away from the available screen space. Maybe it’s a coding issue between the two different writing platforms that accounts for the reason for not having it on Scrivener. I thought I’d ask anyway because it’s missed feature, since I most my writing on my iPhone and then edit on my Mac.

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We’ll take a look at it. Once the macOS 3.1 update is out we’ll be focussing on iOS for a while, and so that would be a good time to see if there is a compatible solution.

Thank you, again. That would be super.

Most of my iPhone typing is done with a blue tooth keyboard with the phone on a collapsible stand. Works great. Every once in awhile I use my thumbs.

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Ooh! Any hints as to what’s in the pipeline? :smiley:

Not yet. :mrgreen: We have to get 3.1 for Mac out the door before thinking about that.

I can’t wait this feature to be released! I use an iPhone XR and the cursor is half-buried under the keyboard.

Just to be clear, I never said we would add this, only that we’d look into whether or not it should be.

I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Having typewriter mode on my phone would be very useful. I write on my phone all of the time with an external keyboard and just came back to scrivener. The first thing I looked for was typewriter mode because of the same issue as Elsie123. The cursor gets buried under the keyboard row…

Please PLEASE consider this addition. It might be a make or break for some people…

I would also like to know what happened with this mode

I would also like to chime in regarding this feature. The iPhone in portrait orientation with an external keyboard is a perfectly viable way to use Scrivener on the move, made unnecessarily aggravating by the lack of typewriter mode in this version.

I understand this could be considered a feature request and so be given low priority, but the fact that the active line is half-hidden at the bottom of the screen behind the keyboard bar is most certainly a bug, and should be fixed. Adding typewriter mode would be a handy and presumably quick (as the code is right there on the iPad version) way to do so.