Typewriter scroll in fullscreen mode no longer turns off

Hi, I want to turn off typewriter scrolling in full screen mode. I’ve read through the forum, and I believe I had this working at one time, but now it’s not working again. I press Ctrl+G, then with control still held down I press T (I’ve also tried releasing and re-pressing control), but typewriter scrolling continues to operate. I’ve also gone into option and unchecked typewriter scrolling in fullscreen mode for new projects, but that doesn’t help either. Can anyone tell me how to turn off typewriter scrolling in fullscreen mode?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Ctrl+G, Ctrl+T is the default shortcut and should work in full screen mode as you expressed it: with focus in the full screen editor, hold Ctrl, type G, then type T. Does the shortcut work in the regular editor? If not, double-check that you haven’t assigned a different shortcut to typewriter scrolling–you can go to Tools > Options > Keyboard to reset it to the default.

Thanks! I’d been careful not to re-assign keys within Scrivener, but with some digging I realized I had an autohotkey script that uses Control + t, and that was interfering. I use that script in a lot of applications, so I’ve reassigned the typewriter scrolling keyboard shortcut and all is well.

Thanks very much for your help!