Typewriter scrolling like behavior for "arrow down" or other page navigation

Hi, I’d like to navigate within a document using the arrow down key (or some arbitrary command), and for the behavior to be like typewriter scrolling where the cursor stays at the center of the page and the text moves up or down. If I edit the document, the page automatically shifts up so that the edit is centered vertically. Is there a way to get the same behavior if I only move the cursor down or up a line on the page?

Basically, I want an automatic “command + J” (jump to selection) when I arrow-up or arrow-down when typewriter scrolling is active.

I was hoping to see a reply here because I am looking for the same feature. A lot of other apps work this way (Ulysses and Focused on Mac for example).

And it would be nice if the “Typewriter Scrolling” could start at the fixed position to begin with. The manual (15.3.4) states: “When enabled, the line you are typing on in the editor will advance only down to the middle of the screen (by default)”. Maybe there’s a technical limitation that explains this behavior. But it feels wrong.

There a couple of settings that adjust how typewriter scrolling works, both found in the Editing: Options preference pane.

By default Scrivener will use the current scroll position as the fixed point for where to scroll from as you write. We found this to be less intrusive when editing, than the behaviour that causes every keystroke to snap the text to a different point. One can always use ⌘J to bring the line back to the preferred vertical position if that is what they want.

But, if you prefer it be more strict, that is what the Typewriter scrolling always jumps to the scroll line is for.

That’s not going to act quite like originally described, but it will keep the typing position in one fixed location.

It’s really annoying when you’re navigating through a screenplay with the arrow keys (MacOS) and it JUMPS you back to the center. Could you please allow for typewriter scrolling with the arrow keys as well as for typing?

I found this post where others have requested this feature in the main forum:


Thanks, there is no need to create a new separate feature request, then. :slight_smile: That just creates clutter, and forks conversations causing the same things to be said over and over.

I do agree that this would be a nicer behaviour for when that checkbox I referred to is ticked, currently it’s a typewriter that floats off the desk periodically until you press a key and then it slams back down to the surface. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are technical difficulties with it working that way though.

The reason I made a new post was because your original reply did not seem to address the issue in question and made it seem like you misunderstood the post, which was about arrow keys. And also because it was not posted in the Wish List section. Thank you though.

Oh good point, I’ve moved the post to the right section.

As to my response, I was merely referring to a setting that makes the feature work more like requested (rather than fixing the current line wherever it may be on the screen). I concluded in that post that it doesn’t address the core wish, but that it is for the moment a step closer, and maybe the closest Scrivener can be.

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