typewriter scrolling seems not to be working

I’ve got it set in the Full Screen pane in Preferences. When I try to set it from the menu the option is greyed out. Did a search in the Technical Support forum. Didn’t come up with anything.

What am I overlooking?


This option has not been implemented yet, but should be by final release.

Just to clarify something, Eric, you posted a series of questions earlier in the Mac forum area, and this is in the Windows forum. I answered the earlier questions from the assumption you were using a Mac; apologies if that wasn’t the case. If you are using both versions; then carry on. :slight_smile:

Oops! Thanks for the heads up. I’m definitely a Mac man. I’ll be more careful in the future.

While I’m at it, that series of questions and the answers I got – here and from the tutorial – have got me working productively in the Scrivener environment, and looking forward to seeing how it might help me with larger more complicated projects.

In addition to the software, the prompt, friendly, and informed responses to posts here is great.


No problem! I’ve moved the topic back over to the Mac section.

Approaching this from a Mac angle then, where the feature is in fact fully implemented, from where are you accessing the menu? Are you in Full Screen already? It should be showing up if you slide the mouse to the top, pause a moment to activate the menu, and then select Format/Options/Typewriter Scrolling. Note also there is a keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-Cmd-T so you can quickly switch between modes.

If you are trying to access the menu from some place other than an editor, it will be greyed out. This feature is contextual. You can have the setting on for full screen, off in the left/top split, and on in the right/bottom split. So you need to make sure your cursor is blinking in the intended area first.

Glad to hear you’ve hit the productive slope with Scrivener!

Glad to find it’s implemented in the Mac environment. And the shortcut works fine on my machine.

Thanks very much.