Typewriter scrolling

I am having trouble with typewriter scrolling. I tend to work zoomed in at 110% and realized over the past few days that my typewriter scrolling is no longer occurring. I figure I must have unconsciously changed something but I can’t figure out what. According to my preferences the typewriter scrolling is set at the middle of the page (though I did change it to top and bottom quarter to see if that helped but had no change). I changed the zoom to 100% and the first time I started typing afterward I was returned to the center of the page. But the scrolling did not occur and when I hit the bottom of the page it simply rolled the line there. Now when I change to 110% and back there is no change.

Any tips on where I might have gone wrong? Thanks in advance.

Typewriter Scrolling is toggled in the Format/Options/ sub-menu. Make sure you have a checkbox in that menu while using the edit mode you wish to enable it for (Composition and standard modes both independently save that toggle).