Typewriter Scrolling

Quick question - how do I turn on Typewrite scrolling for an existing project? I just added a new text document, and there is no typewriter scrolling for it. When I try to turn it on in the options, it says it is for new projects. Er…help please? Thanks!

I can’t locate it in the menus (in a quick look), but it’s possible to put a button for it in the main toolbar. Go to Tools > Customize Toolbars, and make sure Main Toolbar is selected in the right column. Then in the left column, scroll down till you find Typewriter Scrolling, and select it. Click on the big right-pointing arrow to move it over into the right column; then you can use the up- and down-pointing arrows to move it wherever you want it to appear on the toolbars. Click Apply to see how it’ll look; move it up or down in the list till you get it where you want it. Hope this helps!

As DavidR mentioned, you can add the Typewriter Scrolling button to your toolbar. (The icon is a typewriter, and it’s actually kinda cool. :slight_smile:

You can also toggle it on or off via the menu: Format > Options.

Sure enough, there it is. I breezed right by it. (Frankly, I’d put it on the View menu myself, rather than Format.)

Agreed, David. Although I can see the justification for putting it on the format menu, that’s just not the first place I look for it.

So I put the button on the toolbar. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay in responding, I’ve been rather busy - but - THANK YOU! :smiley:

You’re welcome. Glad it was helpful.