Hi, still using the 1.whatever latest version of Scriv for win. Typewriter seems to have only one option, 1/2 way down screen, whereas in the Mac version I also could set it for 1/3. I miss that, just saying, since this is the feedback page. On my Samsung curved monitor it actually seems to be lower than 1/2 way down. IMO the typewriter option is THE #1 selling point for Scriv…it’s what I get the most oohs and ahhs about when I give presentations to local writers’ groups re Scriv. With just Word you have the nightmare ergonomics of tilting your neck when the cursor gets to the bottom of the screen. My monitor is not height adjustable, so being able to specify the height of the typewriter line is important., Like many over 35, I have bulging cervical discs, so the angle of my head needs to be exact. Thanks for listening.

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To reach Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Level 5, and get more oohs and aahs you need to create a Custom Style Template called “Remington” with the font set to Courier 10 for everything.