Typewriting scroll in Scapple

I wouldn’t tell anyone how to use Scapple. That’s the whole idea of using Scapple.
I for one use it as a brainstorming tool. I’m in one scene in Scrivener and suddenly don’t know where to go next. Do I need another scene to set the stage for the scene I just wrote? Does the scene I just wrote need a transitional follow up before the next set piece? Is this an opportunity for a detour to expose something I’ll come back to later?
So I just scapple on. Suddenly I come upon something. A new scene is taking shape. So, I get carried away. Write, write. Opt>Return to keep it in sequence. Return>return to make quick jumps to something else, out of dialogue into description, into dialogue, or just to separate my flow from some sudden reflection, whatever.
So, what is the problem?
Carrying on like this and then looking down on the screen, I suddenly do not see what I’m writing. Even if I have hidden the footer bar, my writing disappears below the Scapple window, and I have to interrupt my writing and move the text, all my scapples, so I have space to continue writing—and see what I write.
Basically, what I want is to go on writing—in the same note or new notes—and be able to see what I’m writing. How to solve this technically, I don’t know. But, I suppose what I want is something similar to typewriting mode in Scrivener, so that the area I’m putting my text into, is always visible and preferably not in the very margin of the window. Is this possible to achieve?

Hmm, that sounds more like a bug than an unintended behaviour. When I type into a note that is at the very bottom of a board and keep on typing, it will scroll the view up by one line so that I can see where I am—basically cursor and typing actions keep the view scrolled as they would in TextEdit or any other text editor. The footer bar just resets where the scrolling happens, for me.

Does this happen in a new window that you haven’t resized? If you just hit Cmd-N and double-click at the very bottom visible pixel, does the “New Note” text not appear, and if you hit return a few times, does the board not scroll so that you can always see the last line?

Tried to replicate the problem, but now it works as you predicted. Don’t know why it happened before, but I had to manually scroll the window over and over again to see the line I was actually typing in. So, whatever. I’ll let you know if the problem comes back. Till then, happy typing.


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