Typinator can now run scripts

The technically minded among you may be interested to know that the latest version of Typinator (v.5), which was released today, can now run scripts as part of its expansions of text. Since I am not technically minded, I am not quite sure what the ramifications of this might be, and what problems it might enable people to solve (or create, if they are anything like me). But I just offer the information for those who like to tinker with their computers instead of writing (yes, I’m talking to you at the back – and to myself). According to their information: “AppleScript is only a special case; Typinator can actually run any script that you could invoke from the command line in Terminal. This includes Bash, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.”

Happy procrastinating,

This means that you can write scrivener in a typinator script. Not really, more like getting into a delorian and using banana peels to go fix the past.


I’ve been waiting for this for some time. I probably run dumb little scripts several hundreds of times per day, and I’ve had to code all of those scripts to handle Apple’s pasteboard system to make them useful. It’ll be nice to simplify those scripts to being general purpose and have a typing system handle the pasting all in one easy hands-already-on-homerow solution.

You scare me. I hate to think of what you might be planning.

I kind of liked you better when you were less Ioa.

Nothing less than total world domination.

Nothing to be afraid of.

You couldn’t favour us with a simple, real-world example, could you? I know I should be doing something else (and so should you, probably), but I’m intrigued to know what kind of thing I might be automating were I of a more technical bent.

Cheers, Martin.

Eh, the bulk isn’t really that practical (I was being serious with the “dumb”), it feeds my eccentricities of using a weird timestamp which no operating systems use natively. So I have to run a script to generate it, and then paste it into the document I was working on. Now I can just type “-pT”. :slight_smile: Ah, Petra’ka Time. Break it down.

But a more practical one that I’ve been running a lot lately is scrivwatch.rb, which was made by Brett T., of Marked.app fame. Point it at a Scrivener project, and it will render the last binder item you edited in Marked’s MMD preview window. :slight_smile: I don’t think that one will translate to Typinator however, that one is more for LaunchBar.

Ioa – thanks – always interesting to hear how other people insert these sorts of “opportunities” into their workflow. Now I wonder how I can work the French Republican calendar into my texts …

Cheers, Martin.

I am getting a little tired of their paid upgrades. This is the third one since I signed on, just two or so years ago. The present version works fine for my purposes, and scripting is not high on my list of priorities. I guess I will pass. Sometimes I think “upgrades” are making up for slow sales.

Recently I was asked to upgrade a package of search tools from Ironic Software (Leap, Yep, Deep, Fresh). Despite repeated forum requests, the developers could not provide a detailed account of “improvements” to this new version, except to say that it was “optimized to run on Lion.” But the current apps run just fine on Lion, so I turned down the upgrade and then eventually deleted the apps.

I’ve no problem with paid upgrades if I’m getting good use out of the software. Typinator is something that saves me who knows how many hundreds of hours a year and their updates are generally substantive enough to merit putting out a little cash for the work. I’ve also been impressed with the stability of their software. But yeah, if there is an update that doesn’t entice me then I skip it. I’ve skipped updates of theirs in the past. I wasn’t big on the auto-correction update. It’s nice now that I have it, but it wasn’t something I could really benefit from, most of my typos are things I fix immediately or are of the sort that don’t get caught by spell checking/auto-correction anyway. If you wouldn’t benefit from scripting then just skip it and see what they come up with next year. :slight_smile:

Amber, your comment stirred me to investigate further.
I asked Typinator if they had an upgrade path for current users, and they do: 50% discount.
So the price for version 5.0 is 12.49 Euro, or $16.16, and that didn’t seem so bad.
Hence I am upgraded, though in truth the new version seems little changed.

Druid, you still using your appletv hacked to rip movie collections? I little magic and using your new typinator and you will understand a the real power. Let me show you what I should be able to automate with typinator if I actually didn’t just do it in bash.

You would to this in termainal. There is also an assumption that you are using handbrake cli instead of handbrake gui (and it is wrong as i am too lazy to use the CLI and more), but the idea is there.

mount afp://appltv/frontrow/Movies/DVD 
mount afp://nas/Movies
for i in `ls /Volumes/DVD`
hbcli -d appletv /Volumes/DVD/$i /Volumes/Movies/$i.m4p
rm -rf /Volumes/DVD/$i
unmount /Volumes/DVD
unmount /Volumes/Movies

Now converting a long list of ripped DVD’s is not really the best use of this feature, but consider something like changing a characters name (and all the possessives). How about things like altering a universe date format from say, standard Ioa time to say, universe 17, culture 9, religion 6 time? This would be a complex transform that would not be a simple search and replace but might require a bit more complex math and detection.

Not sure if that really helps, but the idea is there.

Or say you keep a daily journal and make a little header block with some basic daily details. Maybe you look up and paste in the weather, or moon phase (which I would imagine is of more importance to a druid), etc. A script could collect all of that information for you and assemble the boilerplate journal header with a single typed in phrase.

Maybe you prefer to use a URL shortening service instead of long URLs. A script could take a URL you’ve copied, send it to a shortening service, and then type in the shortened version for you.

A script could allow you to easily assume multiple personalities in an on line foru…

Is it possible the Vic-k developed typinator?

Um, nope, never did that (honest, Mr. RIAA :open_mouth: ), just synched it to iTunes and that’s it. And I think Front Row is no longer supported in Lion???

I asked you a related question and then found the answer. Sorry. Back to the homework!

Mr RIAA can come visit me any time. All my LEGALLY PURCHASED DVD are protected in local storage and only playable per the include copyright and purchase agreement. The fact that I have utilized the default features of several media backup programs and format converters does NOT make me in violation of the law. It helps only having one device that can actually play the format…

And the legal aspect of hacking the apple hardware was settled with that lawsuit on jail breaking the phones.

You would first need to grab the embedded flash video from Youtube. There are some legal concerns there but the videos are PUBLIC DOMAIN by nature. The issue is the reverse engineering of the player required to grab the video. In light of my concern for the legality of the L&L forums I will only suggest that you leverage our good friend Google. Once you have the clip use handbrake, ffmpeg, or QuickTime.

As to embedding it in the apple book format… I still write for fun. Although I swear this message from my creative writing professor makes it sound like writing should NEVER be fun.

Now that I think of it I have a recollection of Roku related to you. I must be losing it.