typing a synopsis whilst using corkboard & synopsis pane


sorry this may be an obvious question…

I’ve laid out 20 index cards on the corkboard.
I’m using the arrow keys to move through them one at a time.
I want to enter text as i move through each card and then move on to the next card and do this with keyboard only.

This is the only way i’ve found to do this…but…
I’m pressing tab to enter text in an index card- this takes the text entering focus into the inspector synopsis pane. However once i’ve entered text in the inspector synopsis pane for that card, (where the return doesn’t ‘close’ the operation) i can’t see a way to get out and re-activate the corkboard so i’m ready to use the arrow keys to move onto the next card. I seem to have to revert to using a mouse and physically re-engage with the cork board to reactivate it after entering text in the inspector synopsis pane.

I also can’t see a way to enter text in an index card itself within this method without reverting to the mouse and physically double click within it.

I’m trying to find a way to do this without use of the mouse and only using keyboard- Is it possible ?

thanks for your time & attention.


okay - i think i found the solution

via the view > navigate to menu > etc

unless you say otherwise -
problem solved…


Hi twinkerzzz,

When you have focus in the corkboard, you can press the escape key to move the selection from the index card as a whole to the editable text fields. It will go to the title field first, and you can use tab from there to get to the body of the synopsis. Hitting tab again will take you to the title field of the next card, or pressing escape will take you out to just selecting the card so you use the arrow keys to jump around.

Does that help?


that’s the one - perfect…