Typing above a settable bottom margin -- not typewriter

Hello Keith

The typewriter feature doesn’t really give users the utility of a typewriter – and it reduces the utility of the computer.

On the other hand, who wants to be typing along the bottom margin of the page and/or window in their WP? You can get a nasty crick in your neck that way.

With a typewriter, you typed at a fixed point in your field of view but you didn’t completely lose sight of the page. You could put up the paper rest thingie so that the page climbed up it and stayed in view and you could reach over and lift up the page to review the whole page or look at completed page on the desk as you liked.

Okay, the typewriter feature on a computer means you are wasting half of the screen and you don’t have the option, as you do on a typewriter, of putting up the paper rest thingie so you can see virtually the whole page typed so far.

Now, what about something a little more subtle – a user selectable bottom margin so that users can have the Scrivener window filling the whole depth of the screen, but when they are typing, the input line is actually not at the bottom but at some comfortable distance above the bottom – then when they scroll text, it fills the whole depth of the window?

You actually have the thing half in place with the settable Top/Bottom margins – but they’re linked.

I’m thinking of unlinking the two so that they can be set separately so I can have a good bottom margin when I am typing in stuff, but the top of the text is at the toip of the page/window.

In the meantime, top and bottom margins it is – and phooey to this nasty, pseudo typewriter stuff! :mrgreen:

Hmmm – I’ve just been working a bit more in Scrivener and I find the bottom margin doesn’t actually work as I thought it did.

The margin is only maintained provided the last character on the page is a return. In my case, I have set the Scrivener > Preferences > Text Editing > Top/Bottom Margins to 100 pixels. But with a long paragraph – and I am writing a book so paragraphs will be a bit longer, four or five sentences, say, than if I were writing a magazine article (mostly one sentence per paragraph) – the margin is honoured only when I get to the end of the paragraph and insert a return. Otherwise, the lines keep marching down until they reach the bottom of the window, then it scrolls up a line.

Expected behaviour in this situation, from my PoV, was that the page would start scrolling when the text reached 100 px above the bottom of the window.

So that’s what I am thinking of – you start at the top and type down the page until you get to the user specified distance above the bottom of the window, then it starts to scroll.

Those margins are padding around the text view which is part of the OS X text system. I’m afraid I can’t alter that behaviour. It’s there in TextEdit, too, except that TextEdit’s margins are only 5 pixels. The margins in Scrivener aren’t intended to act as a typewriter-style function, but instead they just provide some padding.

I’m afraid there are no plans to refine typewriter scrolling just yet, either, though I wouldn’t rule it out for a future version.

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P.S. I’m not quite sure how typewriter scrolling is any different from what you are asking - when you use typewriter scrolling, you can still scroll up to see what is above the text you are working on. It just sets the input line at the centre…

You know, when I use a typewriter the paper just flops over once it gets past the metal support arm and you have to fiddle to read the top of the page anyway. How is that any more or less cumbersome than a quick PageUp/PageDown (which doesn’t move the cursor, thus snapping the view back to wherever you were as soon as you start typing)?


Yeahbut, nobut, yeahbut, nobut, yeahbut, wha’Imenwoz … (Little England).

That’s true – but it is where the entry line is that counts. Can you make that a user pref? I’ve spent all this lovely money buying this lovely big screen and it feels kind of a waste to have half of it empty. The fact is, the old eye balls are well into that phase where they can see their use-by date more clearly than anything else so I have to run a pretty big type size for ease of reading so …

I really would like to see a bit more text on the screen!

WHEN you use a typewriter? When? When, WHEN? Good grief, young person, stop doing that! It is incredibly damaging to the fingers! And then there is the possibility of confusion between modes when correcting. All that White Out on the computer screen – yeck!

You know you can play with the preferences of FULL SCREEN mode and use Letterbox Mode (checked) play with the font colors, background colors, background transparency, screen location, etc and probably achieve the effect you are looking for where you can use as little or as much of the screen as you want, keep the text from going to “low” on the creen by adjusting the letterbox preferences, and still have the ability to scroll up or down through your text…

Just a thought

I love my typewriter[size=200]s[/size]! And anyone would have to pry them from my cold, ink-stained, spidery, pre-arthritic fingers to remove them from me :exclamation:

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