Typing Delay in Scapple

First of all, this may actually be a Mac OS Issue, but Scapple tends to be the program I notice this issue in the fastest. I’m usually multitasking a great deal, but for example, as I’m typing this post, there is only a very minor delay in the letters showing after I typed them.

While in Scapple, I can actually finish multiple sentences and have to wait for them to show up. It tends to happen the longer the program is open and the larger the Scapple file (the more notes).

At present, I’m using Scapple to design branching game dialogue options (think “Choose Your Own Adventure” on a dialog level. A bit like the conversation options in Mass Effect, if you’re familiar with that).

Any ideas? Currently running 10.11.1, but this was happening back in 10.10.5 as well.

How many notes do you have in the document itself? The total number will be printed in the footer bar. The program isn’t optimised for hundreds of notes, and is really designed more around the <100 note range. We might look into making that better in the future, but it would be difficult since at the moment we’re just using the basic drawing tools for the Mac, and stepping up from that means entering the realm of writing one’s own drawing engine—a bit overkill for a $15 utility!

Other than that, keep an eye on Activity Monitor and make sure nothing is hogging the computer. Try unloading some programs that are using CPU and lots of RAM, and see if that makes a difference. You mentioned it gets worse as time goes by, so another thing to check is free disk space on the boot drive. You should have at least 10%, and ideally about 15% free for the OS to work with.

First off, HUGE fan of scapple. It’s transformed my writing process for the better. Thank you!

I too am experiencing this typing delay quite a bit. Sure enough, I have 500 some notes in my document, so that’s likely the cause. It only occurs when notes wrap and are longer than a single line.

I see that this is related to the core drawing engine, so it sounds like it’s not an easy fix. But thought I’d post here just to add another vote to consider working on this in the future. Perhaps there’s a quicker fix that could be considered?

Thanks again!

To be honest it is something I don’t really have any expertise in, but I know enough to make some guesses. We’re using the drawing tools that come with the Mac, and while there could yet be some small things we can do within that framework to improve it, I suspect it was never designed to be used for drawing things of a certain complexity and that it does so through brute force (drawing everything all at once) rather than using techniques to like offloading unseen areas dynamically as you pan away from them and other such tactics. The fact that throwing more hardware at Scapple seems to improve how much it can handle, does at least support that.

Getting into those areas of optimisation would probably require a whole new approach and at that point you have to start questioning whether it is worth the cost of research and development into a new drawing system, for a $15 tool, i.e. could it remain a cheap tool if it had Adobe Illustrator levels of scalability.

Not that I don’t understand the inclination to push a good and simple tool into complex roles, mind! :slight_smile:

I know the post is old - you said number of notes, does this mean if I combine more words into one note, Scapple is better in handling the information?

Yes, I would say that should make a beneficial difference. It would be easy to test for that. If you create a duplicate of the board and use the Notes/Merge menu command to simplify things down from a few hundred notes to a few dozen, you should see a big jump in performance.