Typing Disappearing in Split Screen (horizontal) [FIXED]

Problem with the split screen:

I’ve been using Scrivener to make my notes about any bugs I find. I want to make sure I’m following the guidelines, so I have a document called “How To” where I copied the instructions on how to make a proper bug report.

What I did/expected to happen:
I have been using the split screen to keep the instructions on top and the actual bug report on the bottom. As I write, I expect my cursor to move down the page, while remaining within the visible area of the screen.

What actually happens:
As I type in the bottom screen, my cursor does move down the page, but when it reaches the bottom, it disappears under the default Windows’ frame (Start, then open windows, then blank grey space, then the Start-up menu stuff. I have to manually move the scroll bar down the page in order to continue reading my writing.

How to reproduce:

  1. Use the split screen horizontally.

  2. Start typing in the bottom half.

  3. Keep typing until you reach the bottom of the screen.