Typing error/issue

Hi 2 U all!

A new, happy user of Scrivener. I bought it just before I bought Leopard and since I’ve installed Leopard I’ve got an issue with Scrivener (and several other application). When I type a text every keystroke delivers a repeat of everything a typed before, including the new letter. This is the effect:
DitondT DitondTh DitondThi DitondThis DitondThis DitondThis i DitondThis is DitondThis is DitondThis is i DitondThis is i
This is quit frustrating. Does anybody know the cause of this and how to solve it?

I’ve posted this on several Apple forums, so if I get the information there. I will post it here too.

Well first I would take a guess and stab in the dark and ask are you using any kind of TypeIt4Me 3rd party application? If you are try disabling it or look for an updated version that is compatible with Leopard.


Look for a program such as Grammatica which has an AutoCorrect feature built in for spelling. Turn this off and see if it fixes your problem. If so either get an update that is Leopard Compatible or try a reinstall of the 3rd party App/trash pref file trouble shooting.


Check Spelling While You Type. With it turned off if the problem goes away turn it back on and see if it reappears. If so you may have corrupt Pref File.

ALso make sure DICTIONARY is in the APPLICATIONS folder and has not been moved into another folder or to another location.

Create a New Account and see if the problem occurs in the new account. If it does NOT then it is either a 3rd party application causing the problem or a bad setting/ Pref File.

In other words we kinda need to narrow the possibilities down a little :slight_smile:

Great narrowing down questions! I went by them, one by one. The last option was it: creating another account made the bug disappear: not only in Scrivener, but also in other applications like Yep where that bug was pestering me in the tagging section.
That means it is probably something in the prefs, but what oh what :question:

Well lets start with the Custom SPell Checking dictionary and see if it is glitched.

First make a folder on your desktop name it something like BACK UP FILE.

Ok now Click on your HD


Go To ACCOUNT NAME (the one acting finicky)



select the file named EN (If you are using another language you may see another file. Select them ALL if there is more than one)

Now move them out of the the SPELLING FOLDER and drop them into that folder on your desktop we call BACKUP FILES. :slight_smile:

That file(s) is the library that holds all the words that you make the OSX spellchecke r “Learn”. Sometimes this file can get kolamifabricatefied beyond oblivion.

Log out or restart and see if that fixes the issue.

IF not we move to step 2 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that didn’t solve the issue. BTW it was the NL file. As you might have guessed I’m not a native EN speaker (or writer) :wink:

Ok second would be to root around and see if any 3rd party software is causing the problem.

Do you use any third party programs such as TypeIt4Me, or Gramataica?

The last hint helped!! I had a tool installed Rapidowrite (3.1), probably a great tool but i wasn’t using it anyway. So I removed it and problem solved. I think I’m gonna go to the website of that developer and let them know of this issue.
Thanks for your great help and guiding me to the solution. :smiley:

No problem. :slight_smile: