Typing in scrivener under iOS. Keyboard starts with capital letter for every word?!

Hi forum,
I’m using scrivener for a project since Yesterday evening and basically I really like it. However, there is one thing that currently drives me crazy: When I type (whether its the name of a document or the content of the document), the keyboard enables CAPS after every word (i.e. every time I hit space). iOS usually does this after one finishes a sentence (i.e. after the period) but only within the scrivener app my iPad does this after every word.
Is this an intended behavior? Is anybody else experiencing it?

I’m not experiencing that in the main body of a document, but there is a setting to use title case in places like the titles of documents. Try going to the Settings app on your phone and playing with the Spelling & Substitutions options for Scrivener there. Maybe there’s a glitch that making everything title case…

Thanks for your reply. After restarting my iPad completely, it now only occurs in the titles (where I can live with it).
Strange thing happen…