Typing in tables

I have been using tables in my documents and found a minor irritation in their use. Sometimes, I have to add an extra row to my table before I am able to move the cursor or select text in one of the table cells properly. Has anyone else experienced this?

I haven’t experienced anything like that or heard of it. What is your OS version, and have you noticed if it tends to happen in specific setups, like Scrivenings mode, Lion full screen (if applicable), or Page View—or does it just happen no matter what your current settings?

OS 10.6.8.

I’ve experienced it when using scrivenings and single document modes. Haven’t tried it with full page yet.

Just discovered that I can place the cursor using my mouse where I want in a column only if the adjacent column has a carriage return opposite the line into which I want the insertion point to go.

As a workaround I either put a blank row below the row in which I work or insert a bunch of blank lines in the adjacent column.