Typing issue

I have a strange problem that only occurs using Scrivener for Windows. When typing, it will randomly move somewhere else on the page and the text gets inserted somewhere I didn’t intend. This does not happen to me using any other program, such as Word, or mail. It also does not happen on the Mac version. Any ideas why this happens, or what I can do to prevent it? I end up with pages of gibberish.

I’ve had the same issue, but it’s been so random I wasn’t sure it was a Scrivener thing.

EDIT: If you are on a laptop with a wireless mouse (I am) try disabling the trackpad. Windows 7 even has an option to disable the trackpad only when the USB mouse is present. It seems to have cured it for me.

I am using a laptop with trackpad, but no wireless mouse. I guess I could get a mouse and try it. Thanks!

You could also try adjusting the sensitivity of the trackpad. Google it for your operating system to see how.

I have also had this problem for quite a while. I try to cope with it, but it’s annoying.

I’m using Scrivener for Windows This also happened in the previous version. My machine is a laptop running Windows 10, but I have a separate ergonomic keyboard and a separate touchpad, both plugged into USB ports. Thus, my hands are nowhere near the touchpad when this happens. Should I report a bug?


I have this problem as well, but only in full screen mode. The cursor moves to some other random place in the middle of typing or disappears entirely. My machine is also a laptop running Windows 10. I have changed the settings of my touchpad but it makes no difference. I’d say more likely it is a bug.

When I was having this issue, it also affected the writing of Facebook comments, so it was more than just Scrivener. After disabling my trackpad (I use a wireless mouse) the issue went away.

Does anyone know if individual programs have the ability to affect trackpad settings on the fly?