typing lag in the search field

Every so often when I type into the search field there is a long delay (spinning wheel) before anything happens. It looks like Scrivener starts searching my document right away (with only one or two letters typed in – of course that takes a lot of time). I would prefer finish typing my search term first and then manually start the search process. Sometimes the typing lag does not occur (especially if I start typing very fast), but there is no telling. The only work-around I have come up with is typing the word somewhere else and then paste it into the search field.
Any idea how I can fix this?

There’s not a way to only get it to search when the typing is finished I’m afraid, but there are other things that may help.

If you click on magnifying glass in the search field you can control where Scrivener is searching. So if you choose Search Manuscript only, for example, any research PDFs will not be searched. It may be worth trying various options to see if you can narrow down what is taking a long time to search.