typing lag is back


I’m again experiencing a typing lag in my major project. The other largish projects are performing fine, but the biggest one is lagging. Yesterday it was fine, but when I logged in today, it lagged from the start. Nothing is different–no settings changed. In the past, iTunes sometimes interfered, or changing to autocorrect or word substitutions would affect the typing. However, those settings have not been changed, and I am not using iTunes, although I did play it for a while yesterday.

Again, none of the other projects is affected. I am not streaming anything else, either.

Nor have I added any images between yesterday and today, or any website links.

I searched on this topic and there are a lot of threads. Perhaps the various tips and tricks could be consolidated and made into a pinned topic? My eyes are swimming. Anyway, I don’t have a safe mode/reboot issue either. Just one day it was typing fine and the next day it wasn’t. I didn’t notice a system update today, either.

Yeah, I could probably use a new laptop, but again, not experiencing issues with any other file, and I’m not running much on this machine. Scrivener and Office. I’ve deleted most of my pictures and music.


Bummer, no ideas, huh? Lost a day yesterday, as the project is virtually unusable. Will I lose today, too? Now what?

Hi Claudia,

If you want an answer specifically from L&L Mac tech support, you should email them directly.

While they do monitor this board, you’ll get much faster response using email.