Typing lag issues - any fix?

Hi, I’ve seen a couple of other posts about this but no definitive answer. I never noticed a problem with it until a couple of recent files.

I thought it was because I had images but I have the same problem with a text only one.

As others have said, writing the first line of a bubble is fine on MacOS, it’s going over a line that makes it lag when typing.

The files do have a lot of notes and connections, but I thought that’s the whole point of Scapple.

This is common on both my Macs - Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. Both have SSDs, 16GB Ram, I5 processors. MacOS 10.14, Scapple 1.3.2

I’m getting this too, and have noticed it only happens on my retina iMac. My old mac mini with much lower specs doesn’t have the lag issue even opening the same .scap file.

I’m also getting the “turns off pinch to zoom” issue, and pinch to zoom doesn’t work until I restart the whole computer.

I love this software but please fix these bugs.

Interesting you said your older Mac has no issue - the pinch to zoom bug only affects my Macbook which has a force touch trackpad, along with the wireless force touch trackpad.

The Mac mini uses the old non-force touch trackpad and that never has the problem. So it does seem to be something about newer tech that is causing an issue based on this and what you say.

I never noticed this lag before in Scapple so not sure why it’s suddenly so noticeable to me. And I’ve been using the same equipment for a while - maybe it’s software update from Mac or Scapple.

You’re right, my iMac is using the new force touch trackpad and my Mac Mini uses the older trackpad. I did manage to get pinch to zoom working again by closing Scapple, re-enabling pinch to zoom in preferences, and then restarting Safari.

The slow text is really brutal though – especially since it’s happening on a faster, newer machine.

Hopefully these details make it easier to track down the bugs.