Typing Lag?

I just wanted to post this in an effort to help any others who may occasionally experience a typing lag while using Scrivener, especially if it’s a lag that occurs with one file but not with others.

I’ve found that at least one culprit that can cause such a typing lag are image files that you may have imported, especially if they are large files or not simple jpgs. I’ve run into this problem twice now with two different Scriv files and both times I’ve traced it back to an image file. When the image file is removed, the typing lag disappears.

I hope others who have typing lags find this helpful in resolving the issue.


Yeah, this is in fact one of the first things we ask when someone writes in experiencing lag. The reason is that images are encoded into the text file itself (this is the standard way to handle them with RTF). So with an extremely large image (or many of them), Scrivener must write lots of data to the disk over and over, and this can slow down the software. There is a way to include large images in a document without slowing it down, and that is to use the [b]Edit/Insert/Image Linked to File...[/b] menu command. This will merely insert a text code that points to the image’s location and filename on the disk (and consequently the image should not be moved once it has been linked). While working, Scrivener will load the graphic and place it in the editor as though it were actually there, but this is just a preview thumbnail. When you compile, all linked images will be collected and expressed permanently in the output medium.

Another method is to use the image placeholder code, which you can just type in like text. Some prefer this if the graphic itself is intrusive on the writing experience. You will just see a text code, but when you compile the image will be collected and used.