Typing lag

I’m getting a pretty serious typing lag on one of my files in my project. It doesn’t happen in the other files or folders in the same project. I tried closing down all my other applications, restarting the computer etc. I have 8GB RAM and an iCore i3 processor so I don’t think it’s a resource issue. I tried changing the autosave to 8 seconds.

How can I fix?

What’s special about this file?

Unusually large? Lots of images? Big tables or other complex formatting?


There’s nothing special about it. It has 30+ folders and 50 files. It’s 2MB in size. There are no images or fancy formatting.

The lag happens when I add text to the top or middle of folder in question but not at the bottom.

Hit Cmd-T to bring up the Font panel - does it have the preview shown at the top? If so, click on the gear button and select “Hide Preview” from the menu that appears. There’s a known bug in OS X Yosemite whereby having the preview open in the font panel (even when the font panel isn’t open) can cause a typing lag.

Have you tried:

  1. Opening the project
  2. Clicking on the File menu while holding down the ALT (OPT) key
  3. Choosing Save & Rebuild Search Indexes

I had a lag in one project and the above solved the issue in my case (I think something got a little clunky after a power outage that impacted on a file stored in my Dropbox folder).

I tried both, but the lag is still here in this particular file. I even tried pasting the text as plain text into another file but it persists.

Try rebooting and holding Shift down as the computer restarts to enter Safe Mode:


Then launch Scrivener and see if you still get the lag when you type. If you do, please contact technical support at mac.support AT literatureandlatte.com so that we can troubleshoot. (If you don’t, the problem must relate to something external on your system - a plugin, perhaps.) Note that Ioa, our chief support bod who would normally troubleshoot this sort of thing, is away for most of next week as of tomorrow night, as he will be over here with me in the UK for a series of meetings, so we might be a little slower than usual in diagnosing the problem, I’m sorry to say. (The rest of the support team are around, it’s just that this sounds like something that may need to get bumped “up the chain”.)

Another user had a problem with a typing lag recently, even in safe mode.

They haven’t posted since the last suggestion was made. Perhaps the last suggestion worked for them…


Thanks all, I’ve emailed support.

Hi all

I have started to see a lag as well, as well as the multi coloured spinning logo thingy!

I have a document open of 25,000 words, and about 10 pictures in it

i have a mac book air with 8gb so it should be ok