typing too fast???

Does anybody have the problem while typing fast and furiously in any program – in my case, most noticeably when I’m interviewing someone – that the appearance of the characters on the screen lags behind my typing, and often comes out impossibly jumbled?

Is this a function of:

  1. my inadequate typing skills
  2. computers programs
  3. keyboards (I’m using an old Macally iKey)
  4. the settings in Preferences of Keyboard Repeat Rate and Delay Until Repeat

Many thanks for your help!


What system are you using? For instance, it’s a (relatively) well-known problem that Leopard running on a non-Intel machine (e.g. a G4) isn’t as fast for typing as Leopard was, and that there can be a lag…

Omigod! I’m using a non Intel G4 mini - and Leopard!

At least now I know.



I get that with MS Word, and it can be disconcerting after a while. I use a MacBook Pro with Tiger.

Totally lag-free typing was one of the things that just felt like sheer pleasure when I switched to Mac (in Windows/Office a certain amount of lag is just basically expected, at least it’s been the same for 14 versions of Word without being fixed yet). It’s kind of a shame to see the same thing creep into the Apple experience, even if it’s on low-specced machines.

The “bug” has something to do with the older video cards, the new core technology, and the newer code that takes advantage of the Intel chipset versus the older PowerPC architecture.

Mainly it is the Core Technology in 10.5.x and the Older video cards that do NOT support Core Image and Quartz Extreme. (Under About This Mac, More Info, then select Graphics/Displays and you will see if your Mac supports Core Image and Quartz Extreme.

This has been noticed as “lag” for screen refreshing and drawing characters on the screen. 10.5.2 gave us the Leopard Graphics Update 1.0 which helped reduce the problem some but it is still glaringly apparent on older machines running Leopard. Maybe with the release of 10.5.3 (coming soon) they will smooth this out some more for users using older machines…

A few quick ways to tell is to look at your top menu bar. Is your top menu bar opaque or transparent? Transparent capable = Core Image supported. Opaque without the option to turn it on or off in SYS PREF = Non Core Image supported.

Somethings that may help the LAG.

Under Display Preferences change Millions of colors to thousands of colors. (Change this back to millions when viewing pictures or movies)

Under Appearance at the bottom Turn of FONT SMOOTHING change the pull down menu to 12 point. Anything 12 point or smaller will not be anti aliased which will speed up the redrawing of text on the screen.

Run ONLY applications needed. Since the older machines must depend on the CPU instead of the GPU for much of the redrawing the CPU can quickly become overwhelmed hence the lag. The less things using CPU cycles and memory the more the CPU can take on the workload when a core image instruction is called for and the GPU passes it to the CPU to process.

Hint: WIDGETS. Take any widgets you are NOT using and remove them from the screen. Even though you are not in what I call “widget mode” they are still using resources if they are on your “widget desktop”

Another bullet in my gun to upgrade from the Mini - perhaps a refurbished PPC/Intel Core Duo - I like it’s small size and quiet operation.

Like your avatar.


As to bullets I can give you a whole clip of ammunition. :slight_smile:

But the silver bullet is this.
Time = Money
The more time you save, the more money you make. The more time you save because of faster performance the more time you have to allocate towards other important things in life.
Plus everyone likes the feel of a new machine. :slight_smile:

But do not worry your mini still has many uses such as a Time Machine networked backup disk.

Small backup file server.

Car Computer for computing on the go.

There are tons of uses for the Mac Minis because of the small footprint of their industrial design.

Good advice - but my wife wants her eMac upgraded first - and she’s pretty sure she wants a refurbished iMac - guess I’ll have to either put my foot down or just type more carefully

Convince the Mrs. that a matching pair of Mac Book Pros would not only be very productive but also very stylish.



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