Typing V + vowel; capitals in auto correction

Hello, I hope I’m in the right section… I have encountered 2 little problems:

  1. I’m a great fan of auto correction while writing (not so much for orthographic errors, but for long words I keep typing, so I just type an abbreviation and it automatically turns into the whole word). Now I was so happy when I discovered that 2.0 has got this feature (it was like the last thing that made me still stick to Word), and I already put in my whole list.
    BUT: The one thing I don’t understand is, why doesn’t Scrivener recognise capitalization? if I put in the list e.g. that “grmg” should turn to “Grammatikalisierung” (with capital letter!), Scrivener keeps it all in lower case… any hope to change that?

  2. In one of my documents Scrivener does a strange thing when I type V + vowel (see screenshot), it kind of melts the two letters together. Strangely, not all the Vs in the doc are like that, but I didn’t change anything (just put some greek letters in between but never touched the normal font). How could I fix this? :open_mouth:

Well, anyway you’re doing a great job, hope you can help me! :smiley:
Screenshot Scrivener V_vowel.jpg