Typo in app acknowledgements

I found a CRITICAL bug! Please fix immediately! Urgent!

In the “Credits”, there’s a typo:

I assume you meant you “go” through them like ST “goes” through drummers.


No typo, so you assume wrong. :wink: I meant exactly what I wrote. Both are perfectly valid British English colloquialisms, especially appropriate given the reference. I suppose I could change both to “went” so that our poor American cousins aren’t confused, but the sentence becomes much more difficult to read in a David St Hubbins accent then. :smiley:

I am one of the poor American cousins, I have yet to seen Spinal Tap, and I understood it just fine. :slight_smile:

Grammar detection turned up to eleven!


We long ago had to put a caveat on our website about how we use British English, to prevent people telling us we’d spelled “licence” wrong (it’s not my fault Webster cleaned up a lot of our spelling messes on your side of the Atlantic!). Maybe I should warn people about my colloquialisms too; I’ve already had fellow L&L bod Jennifer bully me out of using “suchlike”…

I think the colloquialisms are charming. :slight_smile:

That’s a shame. Are not we all writers? Do not we all need exposure to authentic dialects to make our dialogue better???

I generally like `suchlike’ myself - in effect it’s a nice blunt rendering of et cetera.

What I caution against, as an editor of non-fiction, is uses where the reader will have no idea of how to extend the list, where the basis of the ‘like’ isn’t clear. Then ‘suchlike’ can be irritating - simply hand-waving.