Typo in Tutorial??

I think I might have found a typo in the tutorial in Scrivener. In the SCRIVENER FOR WINDOWS SHORTCUT KEYS page under Windows Command, the shortcut for scratchpad reads:

“Show/Hide Scratch Pad CTRL+/”

That shortcut didn’t work for me. I googled and found out it should be CTRL+SHIFT+/

Sorry if this is redundant and was mentioned before!

Thanks, I think this is already fixed (basically I just removed the reference to the shortcut since anyone can get that from the menu) for the next release. The problem isn’t a typo, it just changed from one to the other. The new shortcut is in fact Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P. If you’re using Ctrl-Shift-/ then your keyboard shortcuts are out of date. You may find some are unresponsive. If you do run into that problem and would like to fix it, you can do so by deleting the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Scrivener\Scrivener\Options\Shortcut key group from the registry. Otherwise, it’s fine to leave it alone.

Before going into the registry, try just going into the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options… and selecting “Scrivener” from the Import menu button. That should reset them to the correct defaults.

Ah thanks, that’s a much nicer way to go about it. :slight_smile: