Typographer's Quotes in Persian

Would you add a “Persian (Modern)” to your Typographer’s Quotes in Preferences? It should be similar to Hebrew.

The setting you have right now is used in some books but many people consider it “Old Style”. It would be great if users can choose between the OLd and New Styles like some other languages in your setting for “Typographer’s Quotes”.

You know that you can change this yourself by typing in the type of quotes you want into the boxes directly?

Also, although you say they are similar to Hebrew, you don’t give the actual punctuation marks that should make up Persian (Modern).

Thanks for the suggestion.

All the best,

P.S. I’m moving this to Wish List, where it belongs.

Yes, I know the user can set it up himself/herself, but I thought it would be better to have the setting for Arabic/Persian (Modern) as a part of drop-down menu list, like other languages you have included.

Just a suggestion.

Yes, but what are they? :smiley: I have no idea what they are - you only said that they are a bit like Modern Hebrew. If you could enter them into the boxes and then post a screenshot, that would help!

They are like Hebrew, Smilar to English, but in the other direction. Just vopy what you have in Hebrew.