Typographer's Quotes not working

Hi All,

Using the Hoefler and Frere-Jones font “Mercury”, I have written a large amount of material broken down into many different text documents in Scrivener. When I recently upgraded both Scrivener (from 1.2 to the current version) and my Mac OS (from 10.5 to 10.6) all the curly typographer’s quotes in my documents turned into capital O’s with different sorts of accents on top.

The weird thing is, the font still works fine with typographer’s quotes in Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator, but in text edit, if I turn on the “smart quotes” option, it exhibits the same problem as in Scrivener. In looking for a solution on these boards I have read that recent versions of Scrivener use the Mac OS’s “smart quotes” function “just like text edit”. This is making me think that the problem has something to do with that. I haven’t found any other font that is having the same problem.

I’ve reinstalled the font, reinstalled scrivener (deleted all prefs, etc.), to no avail.

I’m not so desperately attached to writing with this font (although I have become quite used to seeing it up there), it’s more that all this work will have to be manually converted to another font which could take a little time. Which leads to another question: is there a way to universally format a .scriv document to use one font?

Any help is appreciated.



A lot of people seem to have had trouble with fonts after upgrading to Snow Leopard. It might be that. See: