Typographer's Quotes

Okay, so I know how to turn on Typographer’s quotes but right now my draft has some typographer’s quotes and some curly quotes, probably a product of cutting and pasting in and out of Nisus Writer and shifting around in Scrivener. I need them all to be curly quotes. Is there an easy way to do a find/replace for this?

Can you wait a month? :slight_smile: Scrivener 2 has a converter function that will straighten or smarten quotes, but there isn’t anything that will retroactively fix them in Scrivener 1. Search and replace really isn’t viable. That tool is just a simple mechanism for finding a particular thing, " say, and then replacing it with one other particular thing. This scenario requires the replacement of two things with four things, and must decide which of the four to use based on the contextual positioning of the other things around it, including stuff that isn’t at all like the two things its looking for.

Actually, Text > Educate Quotes (and Text > Straighten Quotes) should do the trick - they are then in Scrivener 1.x, too. :slight_smile:

Educate! No wonder they eluded me. Smartened, educated, quotes magna cum laude.

And this is probably self-evident, but since I goofed on it the first time–you have to have the text selected in order for the Educate Quotes/Straighten Quotes options to be enabled, so pull your entire manuscript into Edit Scrivenings and select it and then whip your quotes into PhD shape. :slight_smile:

I have to say, I had to use this function today – I’d typed quite a bit in SimpleNote recently and imported it into Scrivener, only to discover that I had straight quotes instead of curly. And the phrase “Educate Quotes” did make me giggle.

Thanks! I also realized not long after posting that it’s very easy to fix in Nisus Writer Pro, too, but this is just as easy and lets me fix it all before I export the draft.