Typographic quotes question

I notice that when I import text with typographic quote they are imported as symbols rather than quotes. If I copy and past the same text from the same file into Scrivener the quotes are preserved.

Ideas? I’d rather not have to copy and paste every file individually and I’d really REALLY rather not replace every instance of a botched punctuation mark.


After copying and pasting some files to give me something to work with, the text looks fine in the editing window but is still showing symbols for typographic punctuation in the tooltip when I hover over the file in the binder.

Are you importing plain text? Plain text is imported as Unicode, so this might be the issue.

P.S. Remember that you can import anyway and then do a global replace of the symbols with the correct quotes - this will be a lot quicker than copying and pasting.

It is plain text. It’s currently in DEVONthink Pro. I’ll convert it to rich text and give it another go.

Upgrading the richness of the text did the trick. Everything imported fine after that. Thanks!