Typographical quotes in one project but not the other despite same settings

I’m working in Scrivener 3.3.1 under macOS 13.3.1. I have set the System Preferences to use »typographical« quotes (I guess they are called smart quotes in English), but I have not set to use typographical quotes in the Scrivener settings. I have two projects. In one project the “straight” quotes that I type are automatically replaced by the »typographical« quotes I have set in the System Preferences. In the other project the remain as “straight” quotes.

Why do the two projects behave differently and how can I get them to behave the same? Are there other settings that influence the replacement of “straight” with »typographical« quotes that I am unaware of?

If I’m not wrong, each project saves its own settings. The same thing happens in the compiler as well. This makes sense, because if you work on different projects or languages, perhaps you shouldn’t overlap the preferences of some projects with those of others. You can use templates to maintain settings between your projects.


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I couldn’t find anything about typographical or smart quotes in the project settings. Where would I set them?

I don’t know what you mean about overlapping the settings of different projects. Both projects were created from the Scrivener templates as fresh projects. They do not overlap in any way that I’m aware of.

Some Scrivener preferences are saved in an individual project (at the Project Settings menu item) and apply only to that project, wherever it resides. Others are saved outside the project at File/Settings or Scrivener/Settings and apply to all projects on a given device; those might be called “overlapping”, I suppose. Some of them can be overridden in Project Settings.

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Thank you, @drmajorbob, your comment made me search through the Scrivener Manual where I found that this can be set under Edit > Substitutions > Smart Quotes. This setting had been selected in one project but not in the other.

Now, how do I mark my question as solved … ?

No worries on having to do that, we don’t have manually open or closed questions around here as someone else can come along with the same question, and if they don’t fully understand it, can ask for more help.

Glad you got it figured out!

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