Ubuntu and windows version

I’m new to Ubuntu and wanted to use scrivener, but have kept to the Windows version because nothing was available for Ubuntu. I see now that Scrivener is close to finalizing a version for Linux.

Will I be able to transfer the work I have done on Windows, directly to Ubuntu?

To use Linux Scrivener, do I have to buy it, since I already have the Windows version?

No one’s replied since Friday, so I’ll jump in …

I think it’s a bit premature to say a finalized Linux version is imminent … progress is still very much in the experimental stage. Lee still has a swamp full of 'gators to tame with the Windows version.

That said, the current Linux version works pretty well (at least on my 32-bit Debian distro). Since you have the latest Windows version, have you tried installing it under Wine? I have great success with that approach. I run the Wine/Windows version on a KDE install, and the Linux version on an XFCE install on an old laptop. (If you’re going to put it on a 64-bit machine, check the many threads here in the forum.)

The most noticeable problem with bringing a Windows .scrivx file into Linux is the font differences. Adjust for that, and check the font hinting settings to get the best display, and see if that suits.

As for a licensed version of Scrivener for Linux … it depends on how soon Lee clears that Windows swamp.

Thanks a lot and appreciate the information.