ugly scroll-bar in full screen

It looks like as the “full screen customization” makes a good run for the post-1.0 feature. I just like to add one wish: A more pretty scroll bar in the full screen modus.

The standard windows scroll bar is huge, beamy and, yes, ugly - it therefore distract me every time wile I am writing more then a few minutes. It would be nice if the scroll-bar could be a bit more neat. (I love the one from “writemonkey”, a totally distracting free full screen writing. But no more, therefore not comparable to Scrivener, however it has is a good full screen writing with it, and owns a nice scroll-bar)


Completely agree. Windows scroll bar is an eyesore. I just now managed to get far enough into WinScriv to have it pop up on me (couldn’t even get that far before because of lack of editor customization). About gave me a heart attack.

Please make it blend in, regardless of customization.


Sorry to be snarky, but… the ugliness of Windows is well known…


All the same, even on the Mac I turn off the scroll bar entirely in full screen. It’s just another distraction and causes imbalance!

Katherine, that was ridiculous. Please don’t do that again. Ever. I think we’ve all got better things to do with our time.

MimeticMouton, I haven’t been able to find any secret control to turn off the scroll bar in this version. Have you?

And just for the record, all, I’m trying to do is get these WinScriv folks to try to live up to they myth that is the original Scriv for Mac. Otherwise, I won’t be much interested in using it as the majority of the Windows based tools I use for my writing are a fair sight more attractive than what I’m seeing now, and that’s got nothing to do with the underlying OS. Its all about the app developers.


No, sorry. I just meant to agree with the desire to hide or otherwise change it. Scrivener 1.54 did offer three different options for the full screen scroller: standard, none, and auto-hiding (which used the text color, so was more discreet than standard). Regardless of appearance, I just like not having a visible scroll bar at all, so it’d be great to have that as an option in the Windows version.

Kinda what I figured you meant, but thanks for replying anyway. Someday, maybe ;-p

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