Uh, Oh, Lost Work

Hi All:

First, I want to thank Lee for this new Beta version. It really has been a privilege to use Scrivener during these months when it’s been in the refining process. I love it and have not felt at all handicapped by the few bugs I’ve experienced. Which makes me quite calm as I report that some of my saved data has either gone missing or is unreadable. Wondering what to do about this.

My MS is evidently not saving when I use File, Save As. When Scrivener opens I get an old file. (I know this is a bug, which is why I back up 3 different ways multiple times a session.) At the same time, my compile suffers from the bug where the text runs linearly in single letters. My only hope has been the final snapshot but I’ve just figured out that the snapshot is only of the last folder I worked on. Until now, I thought the snapshot was of the entire WIP. I’m afraid this has hung me out to dry. The compile seems my only hope. Is there any way to convert it to normal text?

Thanks for any help,

Hi Jane,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some problems, but it may not be as bleak as it seems.

First, just compile your text with the “override text and notes formatting” box unchecked in the Formatting tab of compile. (If you don’t see it, click the “…” button in the compile window.) Your text will compile the way it appears in the editor window, so you may need to fix some line spacing or fonts once you’re in your word editor, but you should have the right-indent properly set. That’s probably the easiest fix, to just get all your text out and be able to relax a bit. A few other options to compile with the override and then fix the indent in a word processor afterward I described in another post, so you can check that out too. I’ve alerted Lee to the issue, and as I know he did a lot of work fixing the bug for 025, I think it should be a simple fix–I suspect something just got set the wrong way right before he built the installer.

For snapshots, the command works on the selected document or documents. It is possible to take a snapshot of multiple documents at once, if you’ve selected them all in the binder, outliner, or corkboard. It’s always just at the document level, though–this doesn’t make a full snapshot of your entire project or capture the binder structure, meta-data, etc. For that, you should use the Backup Project To… command from the File menu; that will create a complete copy of your whole project, and you can choose to date stamp the file and to create it as a zip archive, both of which are helpful for keeping track of previous versions of a project. I definitely recommend using that if you haven’t been already.

Finally, on your initial problem, a couple things to check. First, ensure that the file you’re looking at in Scrivener really is the most recently saved version. One way or another Scrivener might have opened an earlier version–either you may have accidentally selected the wrong one, or the file path could have gotten mixed up and Scrivener’s opening the wrong one from memory, or some other crazy thing might have happened. So definitely double-check that first. Second, try using the Windows search tool to look for some text that was in the missing newer versions–since your work is saved in .rtf files, Windows usually will be able to find the files if they are somewhere on your hard drive, and if it does find them you can then look at the file path of the document to figure out where the .scriv folder is. If the documents are reported as being in the same .scriv project folder that you’re viewing in Scrivener without seeing them, then likely something got corrupted in the .scrivx file so that it’s not showing you the documents, and we can take a look at that to correct it. First thing in that case, especially you have any sync services running, would be to open the .scriv folder and just browse around in Win Explorer to see if you notice any files with “conflicted” or such in the file name–glitches in a sync service can cause conflicted versions of files within the project and then can give all kinds of funky results like not displaying documents that really are there in the folder.

Jennifer, thanks so much for the complete response. I’ll try it all and get back to you if the first suggestions don’t work.
Thanks again,