UI Feedback

After doing some work on two pane view on an earlier thread, I can see that there are two comments I will make on the UI.

First, when I start to contract my window to half screen instead of the usual near full screen width and I click on an item in Binder, sometimes the text of that item appears above the top reading area. That is, I have to scroll down to read the first several lines each time I come back to it. I think there should be an auto-scroll to top feature, either automatically or in preferences so that this wont continue to happen.

Second, while I am hoping for a future release where it is easier to use the card view and text view at the same time and change selections in Binder, I have made progress to streamline this process using layouts. Unfortunately, when the Layouts window is moved to the side (I have more than one screen), when I select the card view, the revert view (or any view in Layouts), the entire Scrivener window moves over to the screen where the Layouts window is.

This is rather annoying as my workaround for selecting a different set of items in Binder means I have to use the layouts window twice each time so it is best kept open and on a side screen. Now I have to be careful to move Layouts over the main screen before changing a layout or my Scrivener document will move away and have to be moved back.