UI flexibility on various screen size / resolution

I have Lenovo Yoga 2 (3200x1800 screen resolution on a 13.3" screen) running Windows 81.

Scrivener is relatively functional on it, but some features are pretty much lost. The meta data panel gets scrunched beyond visibility, with no way I can find to expand it to view all the fields. All the icons are so very tiny that they’re only good if you remember where they are from using it on a different resolution, or if you can get your mouse to hover just right to pop up a label.

I know it has been mentioned around the forums in various ways, but when I searched the Wish List forum for the keywords high-res screen and a couple variations on that, I didn’t find anything specific to it. So this is just to add to the Wish List better flexibility, so that the Scrivener UI adjusts better to various resolutions and screens.

I’ve tried a lot of tricks to try and get things to work differently (including changing my laptop’s screen res and running clients that run a piece of software in a custom resolution, as well as tweaking my font size for various things), but none of them worked. I do hope that this is improved soon. Scrivener is a fantastic product, and I look forward to seeing it grow and get better.