ui for strangers -- a quick compliment

I got on this late, being tied up with other things for a few days and not noticing. Thus I began straight with 2.9.10.

From the first glance, Scrivener has been so much more clear and inviting in appearance.

It’s those great colored icons, I think, and I really have no idea why we had such discussion over them.

Water under the bridge, and I just hope the new look is as good for Stacey as it seems to me.

Features - right away, Ioa’s fave Search Menubar jumped out as just as useful to me – and so I could immediately try out Hoist Binder, which I quite like. And several other things oto, but that’s for later.

I did seem to find that I couldn’t unHoist by any action on the Seach Menubar entry – probably that should work also? There’s a good, tiny pick-point on the binder head to do this also, once you find it.

All this at very much post-midnight, so who knows how many I might find with both eyes open?

I found a thing or two with Word compile that seems to have altered as expected, some to good, maybe some to be entered later when it gets to full beta stage. But, operates.

Thanks to all the crew, and great to see Lee’s byline on the release notes – cheers, Lee…


I really like the V3 interface too. Thanks.

Nope sorry. The icons are still too small for me… Please, Please make them bigger! Look tiny on my 21 inch monitor!!!

Stacey, I asked Tiho to fix the icons, with some technical hints…you can see at:



@Clive: Thank you for the icon hints, Clive. Indeed we can do the icons in any size and in any color. This is not the problem. The problem is to convince 99% of the users to make changes, which will benefit 1% percent of the users. Convincing the GUI designers of these icons size changes, is also a big challenge and I speak from experience. We do think of options which will allow customizing these, but it will happen after the official release. I believe you will all agree, that you want to have the compiler ready and fully working instead the ability to adjust the icon sizes and colors.

In the latest Beta 12, we also added the ability to adjust the height of the toolbars, but adjusting the icon size will result into blurry icons and we do not want this. Adding several sets of icon sizes is a development and Scrivener size/memory overhead, which we do not want to take at the moment. Sorry about that, Clive.